beautiful raindrops

They say,

“Rain, rain, go away.”

I say, “Come and never leave my side.”

You’re beautiful to me.

You take me on a wild and whimsical ride.

Whenever you arrive,

They see gloom and sadness, but

I feel peace and happiness.

The pitter patter of your raindrops upon my window seal seems so enchanting.

Like music to my ears.

When you’re around the world seems still.

For a second, all is right.

You grant the earth with kisses so gentle and sweet.

What you are is truly beautiful to me.

They refuse to see past your colors.

Their frightened by the loud roars from your storms when you make your presence known.

They say I’m odd for loving you.

What they don’t know is that,

I found peace in your raindrops.

They can too.

©️2019 Leigh R.

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