You wandered through a field filled with mysteries galore To find something you thought you’d lost or never experienced before. You searched for many days. Some days there were thunderstorms. Some were sunny and as bright as can be. You thought after such a long journey, you’d find what it is you’re looking for. Instead,…


Hey there, hey! I hope everyone enjoyed their day. I just wanted to stop in to say that I’ll be posting a poem tomorrow. I hope you beautiful people are doing well tonight! Goodnight! Leigh 🌻


Treat yourself as if you were a delicate flower who occasionally needs water and care. Shower yourself with love and kind thoughts. ©️ Leigh R @earthtoleigh


Where have you gone? You’ve blown carelessly with the wind. Thinking freely. Being “you“. But, it’s all a façade isn’t it? Where have you truly gone? ©️ Leigh R @earthtoleigh


I’m sorry. I’m sorry if my worry and doubt starts to cause me pain. That all the dreams and goals that I have, will never change the reality that is. I’m sorry that the words self-inflicted upon myself, bring you discomfort. But the pain deeply rooted from a history long before me has led me…


Hi, beautiful people. Yesterday, I made it to day 60 on this journey. There’s a little something on my mind. Because real life dealings and work, my poems haven’t been the greatest. I haven’t been giving it my all and that disappoints me. I have a post that I want to share with everyone with…


Today, a simple act of kindness blew me away. It made me realize that even with a troublesome past, people can still come together in the end. Today was an eye opener. ©️ Leigh R @earthtoleigh


When the walls around you collapse, don’t coward. Get back up again. Stand tall. Push forward. Don’t give into fear. Today was a little more emotional than expected, but I have to keep going forward. I hope everyone had a lovely day today! 🌻

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to say Merry Early Christmas or Happy Holidays to everyone. Regardless, have a wonderful day tomorrow, beautiful people!


7 billion sunflowers, be the one that shines the brightest. © Leigh R @earthtoleigh


The act of giving and kindness not only fills the heart of other with love, it also fills your heart as well. To be appreciative of things in your life, big or small, brings a serene feeling of content that is truly indescribable. Today was a good day.


If it doesn’t work then it doesn’t work Don’t try and force it Don’t blame one another. Sometimes space is needed. Sometimes explanations aren’t needed. And sometimes ghostin’ someone is what you have to do. ©️ Leigh R @earthtoleigh