sweet escape

If I were a bird, I’d be free to travel. I’d be able to take flight when things unravel. ©️ 2020, Leigh R. @earthtoleigh

a day for creativity

Hi, beautiful people!!For some reason, the ending of my poem didn’t get published. *face palm* I guess this is why we proof read, hmm?? Haha! I went ahead and fixed that. So, If you guys want to read it again it’s there. I hope you guys enjoyed it regardless. I’ll have more to share with…


Tall You stand tall, confidently. Shoulders back and head held high. You don’t let them see you cry. You tell yourself that you’re beautiful every day. Every day You ignore the hate ©️ 2020, Leigh R. @earthtoleigh


Hi, beautiful people. It’s one of my favorite days of the week, Wednesday! As I sit and listen to Island in the Sun by Weezer, I can’t help but feel grateful and a new love for all that life could be. It’s been an interesting week so far. Everything that’s been happening in the world…


Day by day, I see myself changing, slowly letting go of fear and the thought that life could never be. ©️ 2020, Leigh R. @earthtoleigh


Acceptance Acceptance of what is and what cannot be. Even when it’s a sad, sad tragedy. When the pain seems unbearable and it’s easy to ignore, acceptance is an important step to survive these storms. ©️ 2020 Leigh R. @earthtoleigh


Hi, beautiful people. I hope you all hade a great day. This is just a reminder to spread love and peace wherever you can. Share that love with whoever you want. You are all beautiful and amazing. Goodnight. Leigh 🌻

mustard seed

Pretend for a moment, that you’re planting a garden. Now, pretend that you are that garden. It sounds silly, I’m sure. Just think about it. Plant seeds here and there of what you’d like see and be. Provide yourself with the necessary things that will help you grow. Shower yourself with tender love and care….


Anxiety, anxiety. You come about. Distracting me with your chaotic tactics. Filling me with doubt. I wonder if you’ll ever go away. Leave me to find my happiness again I want to see those sunny days. The ones where the sky is perfectly blue. You know? The place I go to escape you. When you’re…

do what makes you happy

Peace and love, beautiful people! Today I did something that brings much happiness into my life. I streamed on twitch! Though it wasn’t perfect, I still put myself out there. It’s been 6+ months since my last stream. So I decided to do it today. I’m going to keep doing it. Tomorrow will be a…

current thoughts

Sometimes change is inevitable. Best to just go with the flow. Right?

pure imagination

Seeing the world through my own private eye, being able creating many things from my imagination is truly the biggest gifts of all. ©️2020 Leigh R. @earthtoleigh