do what makes you happy

Peace and love, beautiful people! Today I did something that brings much happiness into my life. I streamed on twitch! Though it wasn’t perfect, I still put myself out there. It’s been 6+ months since my last stream. So I decided to do it today. I’m going to keep doing it. Tomorrow will be a day of me practicing my writing and art. I want to create better content for this blog and my own art. I’ve been taking slight breaks from writing poetry everyday because I want to feel and believe in what I’m writing. I strongly dislike putting out work that seems half done. Plus, you guys don’t deserve that and neither do I. Haha

It’s been the perfect/my favorite weather all week. RAIN! I absolutely adore it. I’m extremely creative whenever it’s raining. I’ve gotten a lot done this week because of it. I don’t know how or why, but it calms me.


Anyway, how was your day? Let me know.

Goodnight, lovely people! I’m looking forward to sharing with you guys tomorrow!

Leigh 🌻

©️2020 Leigh R.


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