escaped darkness

Hi, beautiful people! I’m just going through my drafts and posting ones that I think are worth sharing. It may not be the happiest poem, but i hope you guys enjoy it!

Leigh 🌻

It was you.

I fell in love with you.

“Puppy love” is what they called it.

Although, it felt so real.

It broke my heart into a million pieces.

It made me lose my thrill.

My thirst for life, my happiness.

I no longer wanted to seek.

It took the sparkle in my eye and made everything seem bleak.

It made me wonder what was there above, for I had lost something else I loved.

My young mind dealing all alone because no one picked up the phone.

I realized that I needed to let go.

I fought and fought my way out of that hole.

I brought myself out of the dark.

I’ll find myself again, no matter how far the destination is.

©️ 2020, Leigh R.


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