twenty somethings

For a moment, I guess I was finding myself.

I did so while believing I didn’t need any help or assistance from someone else.

I was determined to go on this long journey through my twenties alone.

Here are some things I wish I would’ve known.

You simply cannot grow if you refuse to move through your past.

That pain you feel inside you will not last forever.

Another thing is forgiveness, it takes quite some time.

To heal your body, your soul and mind.

Fear of missing out is definitely a thing, but think of all the joy engaging could bring.

You don’t have to be completely alone. You don’t have to be so attached to your phone.

When you’re outside small interactions do count.

So, please stop filling your head with doubt.

Acknowledge that you’re not there yet, but you’re on your way.

Remember that every day may not be a good one, but it sure is a blessing.

Life is filled with many lessons, don’t try to avoid it.

Another thing…

All progress is good progress, that, you must admit.

Think about where you are now versus when you thought you should quit.

You’re on your way.

©️ 2020, Leigh R.


*The beautiful art work set as featured image is not mine*

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