Hi, lovely people! Today was a bit rocky, but let’s all try to stay as strong, healthy, and positive as we can. You’re all beautiful! Goodnight! Leigh 🌻


Moving on is hard, but sometimes it’s the best thing to do. Goodnight, lovely people.


I hope everyone had a peaceful day today. You’re all beautiful people. Goodnight. 🀍 Leigh 🌻 2017-2020, Leigh R. @earthtoleigh


Gratitude is my word for the day. Today was a day filled with unexpected, but good news. It’s been a battle staying strong during these times. Remember that we are strong. Remember to care for on another. You’re all amazing. Goodnight! Leigh 🌻 *the beautiful artwork set as the featured image is not mine to…

self care

Appreciation. Sometimes, I have to remind myself to show appreciation to myself. Certain things might not seem so big, but the little things matter. I was blessed to wake up today. I got out of bed, eventually, and I cared for myself. Some days aren’t the best, but others are just fine. This is just…


Hi, lovely people. Today was a day where I felt genuinely at peace and happy. My nieces and nephews are truly a blessing. I don’t know what I did to deserve them, but I’m grateful. I hope everyone had a great day. Goodnight and you’re all beautiful. Leigh 🌻


Hey there, lovely people. I hope you guys had a great day today. Is it me or does the days seem longer? Anyway, I just want to send some peaceful vibes your way. You’re all appreciated and amazing. Thanks for being here. Goodnight! Leigh 🌻


Hey there, lovely people! Just checking in to say that you all are strong and beautiful. Goodnight, good morning or good afternoon! Leigh 🌻


Hi, you guys! This weekend was very productive. Despite all the chaos in the world right now, I was able to get things done. I hope the same for you guys. I just wanted to send some love and peace your way tonight. Goodnight lovely people! Leigh 🌻

we all deserve love

I hope everyone had a peaceful day. Be safe out there, beautiful people. You’re all loved. Leigh 🌻 ©️ 2017-2020 Leigh R. @earthtoleigh

happy wednesday

Just checking in to say that I hope you lovely people had an amazing day! I appreciate all of you. Leigh 🌻


You know how some people say, there’s nothing like having your own? Well, I’ve been feeling that all week. Ahh, in due. Patience right? Anyway, I just wanted to say goodnight to you guys. I hope everyone has a great week filled with peace and some happiness. Goodnight, lovely people! Leigh 🌻 I DO NOT…