Vivid memories of me hiding way in my own little corner. Healing my wounds one by one. ©️ 2017-2020, Leigh R. @earthtoleigh *the beautiful and amazing artwork set as the featured image is not mine to claim*


Hi, lovely people. Today was a day where I felt genuinely at peace and happy. My nieces and nephews are truly a blessing. I don’t know what I did to deserve them, but I’m grateful. I hope everyone had a great day. Goodnight and you’re all beautiful. Leigh 🌻


Restore faith Faith in humanity Faith in yourself Faith that there will be a better world one day. One can only dream, don’t you think? ©️ 2017-2020, Leigh R. @earthtoleigh


Jealousy is like that pimple that randomly appeared upon your face. It isn’t pretty. Though I don’t know what made you this way, I can only hope that it’ll come to a head and you’ll rid yourself of this ugly trait. One day… ©️ 2017-2020, Leigh R. @earthtoleigh

move along

It’s okay to let go and move on from anyone that’s impacting your life in a negative way. Butterfly, fly away. ©️ 2017-2020, Leigh R. @earthtoleigh *the beautiful artwork set as the featured image is not mine*


Just checking in to say goodnight to all of you lovely people. Remember that you’re all loved and stay safe. Leigh  🌻 © 2017-2020, Leigh R. @earthtoleigh


Goodnight, moon. I’ll lay in bed tonight with my window open wide. Ready to welcome your bright smile and warm, gentle kisses upon my face. Your presence is what I long for all day. Goodnight, moon. My love for you will never change. ©️ 2017-2020, Leigh R. @earthtoleigh


Hey there, lovely people. I hope you guys had a great day today. Is it me or does the days seem longer? Anyway, I just want to send some peaceful vibes your way. You’re all appreciated and amazing. Thanks for being here. Goodnight! Leigh 🌻

jack of all trades

Practice makes perfect. Another lesson I tend to have a hard time learning. It’s like my mind is constantly racing time. There are moments where my interest is peaked and I MUST take on that task ASAP. It’s not that I can’t settle, or complete the tasks, I just want all of them to be…


Staying calm during this storm has been an on and off battle. Sometimes, it feels as though it’s never-ending. I think a majority of us are just waiting it out, waiting for this storm to end. We’re waiting for the day where we wake up and the air is clean, pollution has subsided and peace…

beauty isn’t just her name

Beauty isn’t just in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is whatever you want it to be. ©️ 2017-2020, Leigh R. @earthtoleigh


Hey there, lovely people! Just checking in to say that you all are strong and beautiful. Goodnight, good morning or good afternoon! Leigh 🌻