Hi, lovely people! Today was a bit rocky, but let’s all try to stay as strong, healthy, and positive as we can. You’re all beautiful! Goodnight! Leigh 🌻

moon child

Angel of mine, though you were only mine for a moment, I’ll love you always. Though, I’ll never get to here the pitter patter of your heartbeat or watch as you blossom like the sunflower that you were. You’ll still be loved by me. You were mommy’s first. Though, we’ll never meet face to face,…

rainy day blues

I long for a rainy day to accompany my somber mood. To help bring me peace as I sing away my blues. To remind me that storms do come, but the sun shines at the end. To remind me that it’s here for me when I need a friend. I long for a rainy day…

your jealous ways

The way your sharp eyes cut at me like a knife. I feel the hatred from your soul against my skin without a blow. I used to wonder, what could I have done wrong? What makes you dislike me so much? Then I realized that the problem lies within you. There was nothing I could…


Hi, lovely people. I’m hoping everyone had a beautiful Sunday. Here’s to another week. We got this! Goodnight! Leigh 🌻

a helping hand

Will you be there? To catch me if I fall? If my heart is aching while breaking? Will you help to me mend it? To search for the pieces that will put me back together again. Will you be there? ©️ 2017-2020, Leigh R. @earthtoleigh


Frazzled. Anxious. Happy. Emotional. Concerned and Calm. Try all of the above. ©️ 2017-2020, Leigh R. @earthtoleigh


Moving on is hard, but sometimes it’s the best thing to do. Goodnight, lovely people.


I hope everyone had a peaceful day today. You’re all beautiful people. Goodnight. 🤍 Leigh 🌻 2017-2020, Leigh R. @earthtoleigh


Gratitude is my word for the day. Today was a day filled with unexpected, but good news. It’s been a battle staying strong during these times. Remember that we are strong. Remember to care for on another. You’re all amazing. Goodnight! Leigh 🌻 *the beautiful artwork set as the featured image is not mine to…

self care

Appreciation. Sometimes, I have to remind myself to show appreciation to myself. Certain things might not seem so big, but the little things matter. I was blessed to wake up today. I got out of bed, eventually, and I cared for myself. Some days aren’t the best, but others are just fine. This is just…


Love is in the air. I want to bask in its presence forever. ©️ 2017-2020, Leigh R. @earthtoleigh