The children have eyes too. Though you may think they didn’t see what you did. The children have ears too. You thought they didn’t hear those harsh words from your lips. I know you may think they don’t know what to believe. That their innocence will protect them for as long as you please. The…


All alone, In my own little world, I sit with absolute content and embrace the feelings of pure bliss. Although I am alone, it doesn’t feel that way at all. ©️ 2020, Leigh R. @earthtoleigh

out of the woods

Sinking. Though I feel myself sinking, I’ll fight. Fight until I’m able to pull myself out of the mud. Until I’m able to stand and bask in the sun’s warm embrace again. © 2020, Leigh R. @earthtoleigh

weakened teardrops

Hello, beautiful people. Today was the first day that I’ve cried in months. I mean, I’ve teared up on more than one occasion, but other than that, no actual tears. I can’t say that I feel relieved after crying. If anything, I feel even more sad than I did before. Somehow, I’ve found myself ignoring…


Aging. Like a fine wine or “spoiled milk”? Delicate or obstinate? © 2020, Leigh R. @earthtoleigh *The beautiful featured image above is not mine* *the poetry was written by and belongs to Leigh R. @earthtoleigh* 🌻  

friendly reminders

Patience is key. A simple act of kindness could go a long way and possibly make someone’s day. Goodnight, beautiful people. Leigh 🌻

thursday (skating update)

Hello, lovely people. How was your day? I hope it was a great day for you guys. My day was filled with different emotions as I spent most of it practicing my skating and failing. I realized that my knee pads were too tight and prevented me from moving around. I decided to take them…

a simple reminder

Keep dreaming and never stop. Hold on to that spark, that bright light that made itself visible to you. You are one of a kind. It’s time you stop telling yourself that you aren’t.


Just checking in to say hello, beautiful people! I don’t have much of an update tonight. The past couple of days have been filled with lessons and emotions. Haha. Tomorrow shall be better. I’m going to speak it into existence! Anyway, how was your day? Let me know. I’ll check in tomorrow with an update…

twenty somethings

For a moment, I guess I was finding myself. I did so while believing I didn’t need any help or assistance from someone else. I was determined to go on this long journey through my twenties alone. Here are some things I wish I would’ve known. You simply cannot grow if you refuse to move…

an insightful weekend

Hello, lovely people! I’m just checking in to say share how much I truly appreciate you all. This weekend was one filled with lessons and peaceful moments. How was your weekend? I hope it was a good one. I’ll post a poem tomorrow! Goodnight! Leigh 🌻 *the beautiful art work set as my featured image…

escaped darkness

Hi, beautiful people! I’m just going through my drafts and posting ones that I think are worth sharing. It may not be the happiest poem, but i hope you guys enjoy it! Leigh 🌻 It was you. I fell in love with you. “Puppy love” is what they called it. Although, it felt so real….