Keep shining, sunflower.

Just keep shining, sunflower. The sun will come out soon. Fight the darkness. You are not doomed. You will blossom. You will shine. In the end, it will all be so divine. The day you can claim your victory and shout, “This is mine!”

Self Care

I talk about my love for others, but what about myself? When people ask me how I am, I have nothing to tell. I say I’m fine. I ask “How are you?” When will I learn that my voice matters too? I need the same love that I willingly give away. When will I learn?…


Sometimes I fall I go down like the sun when it sets. In the morning, I rise again I try my best. A new day equals another chance to live. To receive love from the universe Most importantly to give. A new opportunity A chance to create the life I desire. I must always remember…

Year Six

A teenage love affair that started it all Laughs and smiles Late night calls Taking the longer route when walking home. Intense stares as I look into your eyes. Wondering how something so beautiful could be mine. Imperfect lovers Not so great times We go through it all together You’re definitely worth the ride. 10…


You may scream You may shout. You may even sit quietly. All alone you may cry. You may sigh and ask why? Why does it hurt to be lonely? Why can’t anyone see? That the one thing you want is to feel like your needed.


Sometimes we lose our way. We may become distracted. What matters most is that we don’t quit. We fight and get back at it. You know you’re worth the fight. You don’t deserve those sleepless nights. One step at a time. Day by day Soon enough you’ll find your way.


Love who you are Do not be ashamed Be yourself You can’t be tamed. Do what you please Live wild and free Live your life Unapologetically

Journey Alone

So, I have been extremely emotional lately. Also, I’ve been targeted by the infamous WRITERS BLOCK. My mind has shut down. Haha! I am super determined to write two poems before this night is over. I have my muse right now, the rain…I should be fine. Wish me luck! Also, here’s a poem I wrote…

you’re my sunday candy.

As I lay in bed on this beautiful, rainy Saturday morning. I am reminded of my grandmother. Here’s a piece I wrote for what would’ve been, her 104th Birthday. I thought I’d share it again. I hope your morning, lovelies. New Posts coming your way today! you’re my sunday candy. β€” Read on🍬/

Sunset Eve

As we take a stroll by the lake, the flowers blow in the wind. As we stand by the water, the sun smiles on you. I sigh and take your hand. You bring me peace. You bring me joy. A perfect wonderland. This perfect day will be remembered when I see the flowers blow in…


Whenever you feel the urge to quit I want you to fight. Whenever things are overwhelming I want you to fight for your life. Anxiety attacks, breakdowns, whatever comes your way. You’re favorite things will keep you calm. They’ll bring you peace at night. Gather your thoughts. Relax you mind. Pick yourself up again. You’ve…