Keep Shining, Sunflower.

Just keep shining, sunflower. The sun will come out soon. Fight the darkness. You are not doomed.  

almost (part one)

were you my almost or a failure? would we have worked out? or were you just a temporary feeling? some say when sparks fly that it’s meant to be. but to me, you deemed yourself untrustworthy, cautionary. you might as well had worn a sign…”caution. proceed with caution.” cause’ honey, you were dangerous.

something about love

To be in love. For me, It’s all the wonderful feelings that take over me when I watch you twirl your hair in your fingers as you stare intensely at your work. Or the way you speak so genuinely about the things that you’re interested in. Those peaceful moments when you look at me and…

this is country music

The sounds of banjos, acoustic and electric guitars. The stories told while gazing at stars. Those vibrant voices that bring those stories to life. Bring awareness to roads of happiness or strife. I am not ashamed by my love for you. People underestimate what it is that you do. Anyone who dislikes you is simply…

house interrupted

Loud voices shake the walls. Footsteps pace angrily through the halls. Darkness turns the peace to gloom. Separated by different rooms. Somber hearts start to fear, danger is definitely near. The house has been interrupted. A family’s love has been corrupted. They must stick together for things will change. Or tainted love will be to…

thank you!

Hi, sunflowers! A little over one month ago, I decided to challenge myself. I decided that I would write a poem or a blog post every day for one year. After today, I will officially have posted 34 days in a row. Only 331 days left! Honestly, this month has been an amazing one for…


The older I get, the more I discover about myself. Wild and joyful experiences, ones that have pushed me out of my comfort zone. Collecting good and bad memories along the way. Some were to purposely make me uncomfortable. Some brought me intense amounts of joy. All of these things forcing me to grow. Challenging…

happy thanksgiving!

Today I am grateful for this day. Grateful for this life. The loved ones in my life. The ability to write and create. I have such a huge appreciation for God and this universe. I hope everyone is enjoying their day. Peace and blessings all around.


I’m still standing. I’ve been knocked down, but I’m still standing. I might not be as tall as I used to. You may even notice a slight difference, but I’m still here. I’m still standing.

lift yourself

Sometimes you have to pick yourself up when you’re falling. Be your own knight in shining armor. ©️


A learning game One filled with lessons and opportunities. Also, some pain. I’ll never allow it to include shame. A learning game Filled with some happiness. Moments of peace. I’m grateful for it, nonetheless. I’ll never question why it chose me. ©️

happy birthday, memphis

Lying on a blanket, Enjoying your warm embrace. In awe of the fireworks as we celebrate this wonderful day.


Happiness comes in waves, but I allow every single one to wash over me. ©️