Keep Shining, Sunflower.

Just keep shining, sunflower. The sun will come out soon. Fight the darkness. You are not doomed.  

knowledge tree

I yearn for knowledge. Though I start with little, my dedication keeps me going and with time, I’ll master the task at hand.

star gazing

Universe. All that you are leaves me in awe. Your stars and the way they Glisten, twinkle, live and exist. Existing to make way for many things. I happily watch as you fill the night sky one light at a time. Twinkle, twinkle shining stars, As the calm of your nightly presence brings peace to…

growing pains

I’ve grown tired of games. Tired of anger and pain that once consumed me. I’ve grown freely. Free for decisions to be made by Me, myself and I. Good or bad…silly even. All to know that I’ve grown. Matured Not to say that I am done. Just to acknowledge the act. To acknowledge the fact…


twenty-four You’ve brought me to a place in life, I never thought I’d see. Helped me to see realize my potential. Taught me things I never expected to learn. You’ve forced me out of my comfort zone which led me to mature in many ways. twenty-four Before you, I dint realize that I wasn’t taking…


Blue Is the color of my energy It’s mood that I feel When the creativity seems to have disappeared and decides to take a hiatus.


When rain clouds form, don’t be afraid of them. Allow the water from the rain to wash over you. Helping you to grow and blossom into the beautiful sunflower that you’re meant to be.

orange moon

Harvest moon I love to watch you rise in the sky Smiling ear to ear as I bask in your warm embrace. As you rise, your bright orange light blesses the night for a moment. It fills me with this feeling, This indescribable joy that spreads throughout my body. Extremely grateful to exist for I…

love on repeat

Your voice is my favorite song. Every word spoken is a different melody. I could sit and listen to your record forever.

breaking free

There’s this thing that I do… I believe in something with My entire mind, body and soul. I want so badly to start these things. Share them with others and succeed. Then comes the doubt and fear become me. It’s basically self sabotage. Sometimes I ignore the negative side. I push through and carry on….


Thoughts become entangled in my mind. Jumbled all around creating an anxious mess out of me. Current tasks and my attention Constantly playing a game of tug of war Focusing becomes difficult and I become overwhelmed. There’s a difference now, Between who I used to be and who I currently am. I remind myself that…

winter wonderland

We rarely get snow days in Memphis. But when we do, let me tell you, It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I can always tell when it’s coming. The sky lights up with this bright color of midnight blue. When you wake up the next day you’re filled with excitement. It’s a day…


Yesterday It seems like yesterday, we were inseparable. Every plan we made, we made it together. Our favorite shows, movies and many country songs. Your love for Golden Girls My love for Reba Watching happily Singing loudly It seems like yesterday. Two hundred and ninety Two hundred and ninety two days since we last spoke….